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The man serenely stares at his clothes, going round and round, briefly offering us a kind glance as we walk through the door.He sits there solemnly and peacefully with his arms crossed across his chest as we approach him."From there, it was into Led Zeppelin, The Who and Pink Floyd. It's why writing is so difficult, and why you have to be alone to do it.I check my cell phone and find a message from Taylor Momsen, badass frontwoman for the alternative rock band The Pretty Reckless. It blows his mind." As I talk with Taylor, the catchy hook to The Pretty Reckless song "Messed Up World" seeps into my brain and I hear her singing "sex and love and guns, light a cigarette." In a bizarre reality, Taylor's singing distracts me from what she's saying in our interview. It takes a lot of work and you torture yourself for it, like any artist does. You're suddenly aware of everything, which can make it torturous and daunting." Taylor goes off to her sound check with The Pretty Reckless, and I return to exactly the kind of isolation she's been discussing.She'd like to do another interview -- a follow-up to my "15 Minutes With Taylor Momsen" article from earlier this year. I vow to never come to an interview prepared again, and then realize I'm getting carried away. It's cool to have him looking forward to something that I worked so hard at. I don't know if Taylor would consider this a compliment or an insult, so I don't tell her it's happening. You completely drive yourself insane doing it, but it's the best feeling on the planet when it's finished. There will be no former Miss Universe in my life tonight, or maybe ever again. I'll eat Alaskan pink salmon out of the can over my kitchen sink.Or about the relationship between the port and the council? ’ Thanks to everyone who attended the meeting and took part in the discussions, over the coming months the Cable will be pursuing questions such as… Resident Ian Robinson pointed out that the pollution from the port industries affects everyone across Bristol; residents in nearby Avonmouth Village might feel the effects more intensely, but ‘pollution knows no postcode’.Ash Grunwald Bonnie and the Clydes Bonnie and Annie Paine Jaden Carlson Band Chris Daniels and the Kings The Congress dada Danielle Ate the Sandwich Drunken Hearts Elephant Revival Fox Street Gipsy Moon Grant Farm Great American Taxi Greensky Bluegrass Kyle Hollingsworth Jeff Austin Band John Jorgenson Bluegrass Band Judah & the Lion perform Mountain Standard Time Musketeer Gripweed Nellie Mc Kay The Railspliters Roosevelt Coillier & Andy Thorn New Sound Underground Salvador Santana SHEL Billy Strings and Don Julin Cassie Taylor Ultraviolet Hippopotamus Aaron Watson In the Whale The Yawpers Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band Yonder Mountain String Band Your host Quentin Young, reporter at the Times-Call (Longmont), and Daily Camera (Boulder) respectively.

Scrambling, I tell Taylor she's a multitalented person who could've chosen many avenues of artistic expression. "I fell in love with the Beatles at a really early age," Momsen begins. I didn't think a second interview with Taylor was going to happen. "My parents are very supportive," Momsen continues. Instead, I ask if there's anything about her that would surprise her fans? There's no better feeling than when you finish something good. I'll continue writing on my ex-girlfriend's Mac Book.We'd exchanged messages for months, trying to arrange it, and we didn't connect the last time The Pretty Reckless roared through LA. "Probably how much time I spend writing and creating and doing nothing else," she answers. I have to stay inside my own head to create and to write. But you have to suffer through all the hardship of getting to that good point. It can't be forced." I ask Taylor if she focuses so intensely on her art as a way to avoid dealing with unresolved issues within herself? I'll pace the floor as "Brownsville Girl" plays and snicker when Dylan quips, "the only thing we knew for sure about Henry Porter was that his name wasn't Henry Porter." I'll think about how Taylor Momsen embraces isolation to create art, and conclude that I'd probably take a flame torch to my best material in exchange for a random act of kindness from a stranger. One netizen recently posted a series of images online, asking, "Why are they being so dirty?" The most problematic image for the particular netizen seemed to be the GIF of the members licking Song Yun Hyeong's ears, demanding, "What's with the face licking?At 21, the charismatic lead singer/songwriter for The Pretty Reckless is the only recording artist I've seen emerge from her social media/bottle service generation to embody the spirit of classic rock in all its thrusting glory. I run on my treadmill for 45 minutes, while watching the music video of The Pretty Reckless' latest hit "Messed Up World." After repeated views, the chorus ("sex and love and guns, light a cigarette") sticks in my head, alongside Dylan's "Brownsville Girl" and rushes of assorted neuroses. "My dad had a giant vinyl collection," Taylor shares. The Beatles, The Who, Dylan, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin. He'd sit me down with a new record." "Rock and roll was the way you and your dad related to each other," I say, touched by the thought of a daughter pleasing her father by becoming a rock star. That's when I feel most together." Taylor Momsen loves being an artist. So, I think my greatest fear is not being able to do it anymore, for whatever reason.