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Just have a little chat, say how thin the walls are and your child can hear them too.I really dont see why you should take it further yet, as someone else has posted go the council etc, why not just speak to her first!!

The neighbour approached me one morning as I came out of the flat & politly said "we can hear you having sex in our flat, my little boy thought there was a bear in the carpark" we both laughed but I can assure you they never heard us doing it again I've had my neighbour come to me and ask me to keep my love making noise down as her kids could hear and I didn't mind her mentioning it at all.) so we've not said anything until the other day she came to our door and quite randomly told me they'd had a letter from the landlords about them making loud sex noises.She said it wasn't them it was the couple downstairs.This couple are an aging, bad tempered goth bloke who thinks he owns the building and his slightly younger, disabled goth partner who barely leaves the house and, thankfully, we've NEVER heard them at it..doesn't even bear thinking about!I told the girl from upstairs this, smiled sweetly and added that we HAD heard her and her bloke at it.Maybe tell a little white lie like oh i just wanted to say a few other residents have made comments too (you said she can be heard at the end of the street) so you wanted to make her aware!