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code is Everything runs fine until it gets to the update Events List() method.

The problem i am having is that this just does not update the list with the new info added.

That's what "listening" is for, but even "being listened to" is not entirely passive; it requires that the model know about adding a listener.

The particular problem that got me thinking involves a queue of Files.

It is a logical error and just isnt doing what i would like it to. After the user had added a new "event Name" by entering it into a JOption Pane Message Dialog, the program then adds this to the database.

after that the program then has to update the Jlist so that the new "event Name" that has been added appears immediately after the user has entered it, on the Jlist.

Please could you help me with any ideas on how i can fix this.

But what about when the model makes its own state changes that need to be reflected back to the GUI?Chat Server Project & Tutorial | Wi Fi-remote-control sailboat (building) | Joke Thread Rational thinkers deplore the excesses of democracy; it abuses the individual and elevates the mob. Use XXX in a comment to flag something that is bogus but works.Use FIXME to flag something that is bogus and broken. Calling a program finished before all these points are checked off is lazy.So if the user enters a new event to add and clicks 'ok', the event is added to the database BUT the events list is not updated. Border Layout; import *; public class List extends JFrame implements Action Listener Its late where i am atm and i donno if my brain isnt screwed on properly or its just not working now but i dono what im doing wrong.THEN i click on another tab in my program and then i click back to the tab where the events list is located in (remember the update Events List() method is called when i clicked back to this tab) and then the method works perfectly there and updates the list. i dont want to be a nag and ask som1 to write out my whole program or method for me so if you could just point out what you think is wrong with the code or some suggestions on how i could fix this.thanks What happens when you call lst Events.revalidate() after setting the model?