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And they typically include somewhere in Mexico, whether its Cancún, Cabo, or the Riviera Maya.But Mexico is also home to one of the planet's great urban travel destinations -- a city with unmatched cultural attractions and a world-renowned gastronomy scene.Coyoacan, south of the main center, was the original settlement for the conquistadores, now an enclave of artists and writers (Frida and Diego lived here) and it exudes colonial charm.See Historic Center & Zocalo The zocalo has been the center of Mexico City even before the Spanish arrived.The top five contestants must create either a sweet or savoury dish and present seven plates of food for the judges as well as four of Australia's top chefs to avoid elimination from the competition.With the new year come the lists telling us where Americans will be heading in 2015.The city is leafy, inviting and buzzing with energy. The Neighborhoods While this city of 30 million seems to have almost as many neighborhoods as it does residents, most visitors will keep themselves to the glamorous environs of Polanco, Roma, Condessa, the Historic Center and Coyoacan.

A vast plaza flanked by the Cathedral of Mexico City, the national palace and colonial arcade, the zocalo ranks alongside Moscow's Red Square and Beijing's Tienanmen Square as one of the world's largest city squares.If you like old stones with your lunch, El Mayor restaurant perches above the site, offering an amazing view of the Templo Mayor archaeological site.The Calle Madero pedestrian thoroughfare connects the zocalo and the Palacio des Bellas Artes.This site is a collection of web directories that will help you find news, information, fan sites, merchandise and just about everything else related to your favorite topics.Sir Linksalot searches and researches so you don't have to!Sculptures, stellae and frescoes of Aztec, Toltec, Olmec and Maya artists crackle with a vital energy. The singular vision of these lost civilizations, a panoply of plumed serpents, shamans and skulls, has inspired artists ancient and modern.