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I remember playing video games, I remember playing on the lawn, I remember how he screamed when he broke his arm, I remember how thrilled he was when he got a remote-controlled car for Christmas, and I remember the way he used to twirl his hair around his finger so it was always in knots. And now he is an abusive, destructive force that no one can stand to be around lest they get pulled into convincing delusions and psychoses or have to fear his violent rage.
The Gathering hosted the final round of the Underground Psychos contest, in which the winner, Axe Murder Boyz, was signed to Psychopathic Records.

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10, 2017, after she was found in a walk-in freezer at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Rosemont.

The Cook County Medical Examiner's Office released photos on Oct. Jenkins' mother, Tereasa Martin, said that about 4 a.m. In a 911 recording, Martin can be heard speaking to a police dispatcher a few hours later, relaying a version of events provided by Jenkins' friends:"They said they went upstairs to get (a) cellphone …

(Chris Sweda / Chicago Tribune)Two minutes later, in another clip, she reels down a hallway.

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But in the next clip, about two hours later, she gets off an elevator alone, so unsteady she has to support herself on a wall. and Sam Adam Jr., attorneys for Kenneka Jenkins' mother, Tereasa Martin, said at a news conference Sept.

To see more video selections provided by village of Rosemont, click here. 15, 2017, released video clips that depict Kenneka Jenkins staggering alone through a deserted kitchen of the Crowne Plaza O'Hare Hotel, but they do not show her entering the walk-in freezer where her body was found.

To see more video selections provided by village of Rosemont, click here.

She said she was worried because her daughter, who had a light tolerance for alcohol, had evidently been drinking — "One cup is too much for her" — and that the teen wasn't the type to disappear.

The dispatcher, noting that Jenkins was an adult and had been missing only a few hours, advised patience, saying it would take a while for detectives to get hold of the video."What I would recommend is just go home, relax a little bit, give it some time," he said. You're drinking the night before, you get — you know what I mean."The family ended up filing a missing persons report later that morning, Rosemont spokesman Gary Mack said, and police notified the hotel about p.m.