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On June 16, 2010—the first performance show—host Cat Deeley revealed that the phone numbers viewers needed to dial to vote for their favorite contestant(s) were changed to 1-888-6BEST## from the usual 1-866-TEMPO##, ## being the numerical order of the contestant.

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This is why the responsibility lies with the older party: the man looking at the luminous flesh of a teenager and wondering if he or she is worth the risk.

Post-puberty, her school uniform will prompt heckling from louts in vans.

Even so, what are we to think of these men who pursue young people so fresh out of childhood?

There’s the thrill of a beautiful young body, of course, but there’s more to it than that.

I believe everyone should be free to design the relationship model that works for them — and for me that’s dating younger men. I respond to maybe one percent of all the approaches I get.

I have one criterion first and foremost: He has to be a nice person.